stand al plma di Amsterdam

Italcastagne Bets on Snacks

At PLMA 2019 trade show in Amsterdam, interviewed Italcastagne Export manager to discover the new Italian company’s ready to eat snacks   Italcastagne is an Italian food company – based in Avellino, not far from Naples – specializing in ready to eat snacks. At PLMA 2019 exhibition in Amsterdam, interviewed Export manager Roberto…

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gnocchi cavolfiore e castagne

Cauliflower and potato gnocchi with chestnuts

Ingredients Cauliflower and sweet potato gnocchi Sweet potato (about 350g) 2 Cauliflower 500g Egg 1 Parmesan 30g Wholemeal flour 100g Potato starch 30g Salt and black pepper Seasoning Garlic 1 clove Extra virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon Rosemary 1 sprig Speck cubes 120g Boiled spinach 200g Naturì chestnuts 100g Salt and black pepper A pinch Gnocchi making Boil cauliflower and sweet potatoes using a pressure cooker. Once…

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